22 hours later

Step 2: Selfie required

Not even 24 hours have elapsed and I'm back in the dentist's chair. We have a conversation which I wish we had have had yesterday because to be forewarned is to be, well, forewarned. It went something like this:

Me: I cooked pasta for supper last night because it seemed the least braces-threatening of meals possible. However after the first mouthful I realised that my upper and lower teeth no longer have contact. I couldn't chew. NO. CHEWING. [At this point I'm showing her how fucked up the situation was in my mouth...]

Dr R: Yes. They won't touch for a while. Maybe in a few days - no, let's say a week - you should be able to do some version of a gurn/chew type thing. It won't take long.

Me: So to be clear, for the next week (at least) I will only be able to drink smoothies and slurp soup?

Dr R: Yes. This is the pay-off for getting your teeth and jaw lined up within the space of only four months. It's extreme, but things will get better really very fast.

Me: Oh... [slight pause while I think about this unexpected liquid food diet, mental scan of fridge] ...gin soup for supper then.