Badass Women on Tees (a new shop) Check it out, spread the word, buy a tee, give feedback (leave a comment below - who are your favourite badass women? what garments would you like beyond a tee?).

Backstory: As a non-US citizen (that's a soon-to-be deported alien immigrant if Trump wins) I'm barred from donating to Hills. So I recreated her most badass Blackberry texting portrait and launched a little pop-up tee shop. If anyone buys/wears one then I'll at least be 'contributing' by spreading the message. Going through this exercise I realised that there are so many amazing women out there being total badasses - so I've started to add them to the collection. My aim is not to make money (I've kept the prices as low as possible and my profit is practically zero), however if it takes off - I'll give my earnings to a charity that helps young girls of colour become badasses too (charity suggestions very welcome).

(To the Badass Women: I have no idea how to reach you and ask your permission for using your image, so if you want me to remove you from this band of badass ladies please email and I'll fix that straight away.)