Photographers, I'm talking to you


Stop building fancypants online portfolios showcasing your beautiful images in Flash. It’s no longer big and frankly, it was never clever. Harsh words? Maybe, but a fair analysis nonetheless, and I say it because I care about you.

Boys and girls, we are in a ‘link’ economy and when you shooters build Flash websites, we all have to endure a painfully slow sequential load time (even on the fastest broadband), fiddly overly-designed navigation, and worst of all – the inability to share a specific image because Flash does not provide for a unique page URL.

Want your work to be seen and shared by lots of buyers, editors, commissioners, Facebook likers, mobile users, the world at large? Want the Twitterverse to help you promote your work? Build your portfolio site in something link-friendly and eschew the false glamour of Flash.