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07/23/16 The backstory: As a non-US citizen (or, a soon-to-be deported alien immigrant if Trump wins) I'm barred from donating to Hills. So I recreated her most badass Blackberry texting portrait and launched a little pop-up tee shop. I figured that if people wear one then I'll at least be 'contributing' by spreading a positive message. As I went through this exercise I realised that there are so many amazing women out there being total badasses... I just had to create tees of them too.

The aim: Keep the prices as low as possible and donate all profits from sales to this badass non-profit: Black Girls CODE

The Badasses so far...

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Former FLOTUS, Secretary of State, Blackberry ninja, pissed-off wife and busy mother... Soon to be the first ever female POTUS. Hillary is the epitome of a badass.

Michelle Obama
Hands down the hottest, funniest, most badass-est FLOTUS ever. #FACT. Those arms, that brain, her smile and her grace – she's just awesome. Michelle is a total badass.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka, Notorious RBG)
Supreme bullshit slayer, Trump hater, womens' rights defender, civil rights upholder, and a national treasure. RBG is truly a notorious badass.

Serena Williams
Goddess (ditto her sister, Venus), tennis legend, slayer of haters, an inspiration to girls and women everywhere, and a total babe. Serena is a world champion badass.

Ibtihaj Muhammad
Fearless fencer, light saber wielder, and record breaker as the first Muslim woman to wear a hijab in the United States Olympic Team. Ibtihaj is an inspirational badass.


the badasses coming up...

Angela Davis
American political activist, academic scholar, author, and still a rad badass

Gloria Steinem
American feminist, journalist, political activist and still a rad badass

Sally Ride
Physicist, astronaut and the first American woman in space in 1983 (b. 1951 - d. 2012)

Barbara Jordan
wyer, educator, the first African-American congresswoman to come from the deep South and the first woman ever elected to the Texas Senate (b. 1936 - d. 1996)


Sales (as at NOV 3, 2016)

Donated (so far): $160

 Note: Another $180 is currently pending for next month as Threadless only release the money after 30 days (to allow for returns)

Note to the Badass Women...

I have no idea how to reach you and ask your permission for using your image, so if you want me to remove you from this band of badass ladies please email and I'll fix that straight away.

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